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Snow Joke

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's snowing! Yes, really. 

It's snowing in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, in the winter.

The view from my study window as I write
Boy rightly pointed out last night, for people in the UK, Facebook has become the 2nd Met Office, 

Readers on the other side of the pond, naming no names (Pearl and Ponita), for whom the first snowfall of the year appears promptly when expected, but sometimes leaves a bit late, you might be slightly confused at this excitement over a 2 inch snowfall. Let me explain.

Snow in the UK can be a bit hit and miss.

The year before I rocked up to Norfolk, there was huge snowfall. So much so, round here you can start a conversation "It was during that snow in '87..." and you'll have people nodding in time with your anecdote. Coming from hot and humid Trinidad, I got all excited. Ice and fog, I saw a lot of; snow, not so much. It was a big disappointment. It was three years before I saw snow that settled for more than two minutes. 


Adventures with Lemons

I first had preserved lemons in the deli up the road called 103 (sadly now, no more). They had been finely chopped with spring onions, tomatoes, chick peas, tossed with olive oil, served under grilled snapper. Simple food made delicious. I recreated the recipe at home, but could not find preserved lemons and it didn't taste the same. 

Time passed.

My favourite foodie across the pond, La Diva blogged about preserving lemons soon after I saw Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Feast. He was in Morocco and pretty much all of the dishes had preserved lemons. I remembered 103's dish and a bee settled in my bonnet.

I am fortunate to spend time with a man who isn't at all phased by bees in bonnets, Lawrence seems to think it's completely normal. So when I said to him that I wanted to find preserved lemons, he didn't blink. He did however, walk me all over Norwich through every flippin ethnic food shop we could think of, to see if we could find preserved lemons. To no avail. 


Life of Pi

I've not particularly been in a party mood recently, and when considering seeing out 2012, I was pleased when Lawrence suggested going to see the new movie adaptation of Life of Pi. I'd seen the book lurking in bookshops over the years and never felt moved enough to pick it up and dive in. The movie on the other hand looked gorgeous.

We headed out into the cold and wet to Cinema City. Both Lawrence and I happily agreed on the 2D version. Lawrence's preferences are his own; but I don't particularly need to be visually immersed into a film, I find the more whizzy the effects, the more I feel nauseous and uncomfortable. I like big screen cinema in the 2D I grew up with. I don't need it bigger, better, faster, more. Yes, I know, I'm old-fashioned and boring. I'm fine with it.

Lawrence rightly pointed out occasionally Ang Lee disappeared up his own arse to focus on the 3D moments, and it really could have done with a heavier hand in the editing suite. But on the w…