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Samhain Eve and New Beginnings

At the beginning of the year, I thought my Life was going in one direction. Oops. No, it hasn't quite turned out like anything I planned. Life just kind of chewed up and spat out my Plans for World Domination like chewing tobacco. I was left looking at that horrible brown goo at my feet, scratching my head.

It's fine. I can take a hint.

It's clear that whilst I love doing different things, there is just one thing that never goes away. I am a writer. I've been a writer since I was a child. The problem has been my lack of commitment to it. I have been saying to myself since I finished my Creative Writing degree that I have projects, but no commitment. How lame, eh?

Well, I've had a long think. It's time to step up.

If this is my Bliss, then it's about time I lived it.

At the moment, I'm taking some time to re-energise and re-balance myself. The last six weeks have been hard: work and money-wise. My house is crying out for some attention and we won't even t…