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The End

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been fun. But it's time to wrap things up here on journeying.

This was my first ever blog. When I started it in 2006, as part of my Final Major Project for my BA in Creative Writing Degree, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, and what a brilliant time I would have doing it.

Since deciding to hang my shingle out as an NLP Practitioner in the Autumn of last year, I changed this to a subscription only blog, to protect my privacy and that of those around me. Journeying has always been my public blog, where I've put my thoughts on Life, The Universe and 42; while definitely beautiful was where I put the more intimate details up. I've found it difficult to maintain a subscription only 'private' blog and I've missed blogging in public.

Therefore, I have kicked off another blog; a blog where I can put my thoughts on Life etc up, without fear of invading the privacy of those around me.

Please update your blogrolls to add The L…

Catching Up

That is indeed the theme for this week. I have been catching up with myself, doing the things that should have been done over the Festive Break. I have filed my tax return on time. Yes, I know. I'm going on and on about it. I hate form filling of any kind. It doesn't matter if it's a form to take possession of a million pounds or Robert Downey Jr. I hate them. And then make it a form with numbers...well, now you're into serious loathing and detesting on top of abject hatred. You know how well I can procrastinate...last year I paid out good money in fines, rather than get my tax return done on time. This year, I couldn't be arse to be stressed about the whole thing. I decided to do it on time. So I did. I'm pleased with myself. 

Anyway, catching up with last Thursday, I bit the bullet and purchased the replacement for my defunct and deceased laptop. I was perhaps a little bit naughty. I indulged in a shiny MacBook Pro, but most of it was covered by th…