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Christmas 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me wish you all a very Merry [insert Winter Festival of Choice]. It has been a good one here in the Casa del Roses. I don't do stress at Christmas time. I refuse. I got into my jammies on Christmas Eve and I'm not entirely certain I'll get out of them today either.

Boy is with me and our Christmases have a certain shape: pressies, breakfast, glasses of naughtiness, cook lunch, watch crappy dvds, nap on sofa, more food, more crappy dvds. It suits us just fine. We laugh a lot.

This year, there was no disaster with the duck. It went very well. The carcass is currently sitting in my kitchen having been thoroughly picked clean. I was on top of the washing up while I was cooking, so while the kitchen does look like a bomb site, it's not as bad as it could be. I am feeling no pangs to address the mess yet. I'm on my second cup of coffee in my pink, fluffy dressing gown and alls well in my world. My major decision today will be whether I get dresse…

Blogging Update By Bullet Points

I have bloggers blockI've been very busy at workHad a very busy social life over the last couple of weekendsWent to No Strings Cabaret and Burlesque night last weekendBurlesque is heaps of fun; risque rather than raunchyCorsets are impossible to put on without assistanceThey really do heave everything in and up!It won't take much pursuading to put it on again, though apparently, I need it in a smaller size!I definitely will get a different skirt. Not so much skirt as frilly beltAnd no, there are no pictures. Don't even ask.I've been suffering from Domestic UrgesLast weekend, I had a hankering to make a Roast ChickenI am out of practice. My timings were all wrong with the roastiesIt still tasted goodSince then I have cooked *and* done dishesMy laundry is out of control, the floordrobe currently rulesI don't careIt's a good thing I don't share my bedroom with anyone else.My Boy is now 18 years oldHe is now the responsible adult in the houseHe enjoys being car…