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From Chickens to Gardening, via Bullocks

It's been a bit weird and crazy and nuts round here for a variety of reasons that will ensue further on. To bring you up to date as quickly as possible, I've decided to bullet things. 

Chickens Polly wondering when Canasta would stop being such a dick Well, it's been a bit fun around here. Canasta decided to go broody and determinedly sat in the greenhouse outside my kitchen door.Broody hens are grumpy-as-fuck hens. Polly thought it looked like fun and tried it out for a few days. But then she realised it was not very much fun at all and went back to normal.Jenga played fast and loose with two of Z's pullets to the point that they were escaping from her coop to go play with him.He became a very wilful cock and began refusing to come home at night. I caught one of the hens trying to be broody and immediately popped her and Jenga in my coop.They were as happy as anything until Scrabble and Polly realised what was going on.I returned the little hen suitably chastened and kep…