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Dear Jeremy Hunt - The Beginning of Cycle Two

...did not go well. We were asked to come in for 2 o'clock which is the beginning of visiting hours on the wards. I couldn't find a parking space. In the end, I dropped Dave off and drove around the carpark twice. On the third try, I had to pull in, to ring the Great Ursus and promptly burst into tears. You see Jeremy, this is why I go to therapy I can't afford on Fridays: I look like everything is okay (or at least I try to give that impression) and then something slightly untoward happens and I have a meltdown. 

It was a fairly unspectacular meltdown as far as meltdowns go. I howled in my car until I stopped. Dried my tears, drove to the Casa del Ursus not five minutes away and burst into tears on their doorstep. I was given a massive hug, a cup of tea and driven to the hospital.

The thing is, it wasn't just me. There were about twenty other cars filled with desperate people negotiating the obstacle race that the hospital car park turns into at visiting time. People pa…

The Saga of the Blue Bedding - or how I made Dave blue

If you haven't been following this Saga on that other social media site (as Savannah calls it), you will have missed the latest drama from the wilds of the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

One of the things you might not know, or perhaps may not have taken much notice of, is that during chemotherapy, a patient's immune system is shot to shit (that's a medical term, can you keep up?). This means that even the most ordinary germs can take root and be incredibly debilitating, if not dangerous to the patient. 

You may already be aware that I am not the most avid of housekeepers. In fact, I'd go so far as to say my housekeeping happens on an As & When basis (As the mood takes me, When I feel like it). It's not an exaggeration if I say, hoovering over the autumn happened when Boy did it before he left for university and after two months just before he visited. It's not that the house is dirty, per se, it's tidy just wouldn't want to quote the two second…