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Still Rambling

Still too early damn it
As you can see, there's some improvement. The days of doing bugger-all are beginning to work. But my attention span is still all over the place, so I'm falling back on lazy blogging  with bullet points.
Dave made the mistake. He told me he saw a purple lava lamp. I needed it. Yes, this is exactly all what is wrong in society today. I needed it. I had to have it. It went on my credit card. I don't care. I LOVE IT! It's mine...It now sits next to my printer, behind my laptop It takes a while for the wax to warm up and then it makes lovely shapes in the liquidI gave my beloved a torc wrench for Christmas, he gave me a heart rate and fitness monitor (purple). We are both ecstatic with our gifts. Needless to say, I know it won't be long before every nut and bolt on our bikes will be tightened up...and apparently, I have a [good] fitness levelI'm starting to move again. Only after Dave complained of a sore throat and thick head for a week, it oc…

Jammie Day, Day 1 of Festive Season Time Off

I didn't think I'd make it. I really didn't. It was like crawling across a dessert of broken glass. I'm exhausted. 2013 has been bloody hard work. 

There really isn't a polite way of saying I look as rough as a badger's arse
But I'm here. I am taking a proper, long break over the Festive Season. I don't go back until the 6th of January. I'm aware that there's a pile of work waiting for me when I do get back, but that's fine. I want to start 2014, rested and energised. Well, okay. That's what I want, I know I won't necessarily feel like it. And that's okay. 
I promised myself 2 days of pyjamas. Two days of not leaving the house. Two days of not doing anything I don't want to do. I've got a pile of potential reading that's going to take me at least two weeks. I'm not doing stress over this break. I don't care if it's Christmas. I'm opting out of anything drama-related and woe betide anyone who attempts to b…

Drunk and in Charge of a Keyboard

I'm sure this isn't a good idea. One I will regret and perhaps delete when sobriety hits. But since when has that ever stopped me? Never. I'm going to tell you a little about why I'm such a fundamental optimist. Why I feel compelled to help the talented people around (and yes, there are many). This isn't a "OMG, Poor me" post. I've only had a gin and tonic, I'm not quite there enough to let the Self-Pity Gnome in.

I'm a bit of an outsider in my Life. 

During my childhood, I didn't look like my family. I was adopted. I didn't know my racial origins. I was scrawny, short-sighted and had teeth and a smile only a mother could love. I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was socially awkward, unathletic and preferred the company of animals. I liked books, but was rubbish at school. I liked people and had a weird kind of confidence with them, but didn't really connect with anyone for any length of time. All in all, I was a…

Getting Back on Several Horses

A couple of days after I wrote the previous blog post I was flattened by a bug. I ended up in bed for 3 days which then wrecked my back and then the bug headed into my sinuses for another week. Honestly, if I would have been put down if I were a horse. I managed one day off sick and crawled into work regardless. I don't do stiff-upper lip normally, I lean towards the pathetic-and-give-me-sympathy-and-more-tea. But frankly, I'm busy. I was too busy to whinge. So I didn't. 

This week has been the first time I've felt almost human. I'm running on about 85%, which is a relief. I've also agreed that I will be taking a long break over the Festive Period. I am exhausted and desperate for my jammies, Pink Fluffy Dressing Gown and lots of Facebook Statuses about coffee. 

Every year in January, my work packs up and heads to an appropriate auditorium to host their Vision Day. It's a chance to reflect about the previous year and to set goals and the theme for the new yea…