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Getting Adventurous...

Image my old age. It's the only thing I can put down to my new found focus on food. Now, don't get me wrong, I've always enjoyed food. But more in the eating, rather than the preparation thereof. Dinner parties round mine are always a bit haphazard. Guests arriving in the middle of potato peeling, wine being poured, guests doing dishes... It can't have been that awful, people still turn up again when invited and no one's been hospitalised with food poisoning; yet. 

But recently, I've been flexing my culinary muscles. You may remember these at the beginning of this year? Whilst, we were perhaps a touch over enthusiastic and made too many, I've been enjoying popping the odd slice into a dish or two. I'm told they'll be good for awhile yet. 

Last week, I had a dear friend over for dinner. I sorted out the mains and then scratched my head for the dessert. The next minute I'm throwing the fruit in my bowl into a pan with a good slosh of sherry and then…

Over Sharing and Cheerleading

Tonight's Activities
I sit here, hot and sweaty from my workout. I've just done a Davina McCall 30 minute Cardio Box in my new workout gear and rather fun new shoes. I'm beginning to feel like I'm getting back to the point before I had the time off for the move and everything. This is a very happy feeling indeed.

The exercising I believe has made a huge difference to my energy levels. I'm doing stuff now as soon as I think about them and without having to psyche myself up for the task. I'm now looking at all the things I'd like to do exercise-wise in the coming weeks and what I'd like for myself long-term. 

It's a small change in my lifestyle that has had a huge impact. I think it's because striving for fitness and seeing the small gains I've made has made me realise that I can achieve other things too. It's a generalisation - a term from NLP that describes a pattern of learning. Once you've learnt to open one kind of door, you've g…

Autumn Equinox - All Change

It is the Autumn Equinox, the second harvest festival and the time when it's clear The Wheel of the Year is turning towards winter. We are on a waning moon that brings endings, darkness and is used to banish unwanted influences, situations and people in spell work.

Yesterday, was my dad's birthday. Particularly poignant given his sister, my aunt, who was such an influence throughout my childhood passed away on Friday. 

Yesterday, I took my son to university.

So if I say the weekend was a bit of a wringer, you'll understand it's not an understatement.

However, it's all good.

At the last minute, I decided to try to book a room for the night in Lincoln. I figured it would take the pressure off and would mean Dave and I wouldn't have to worry so much about the return journey. It was a good plan. Unfortunately, a plan that every other parent dropping their child off also had the foresight to make. In the end I could only find a room in a guest house in the middle of nowh…

Breaking In the New Shoes and Old Legs

There's mud on them there shoes - from running!
Yesterday, I finally worked up enough courage to lace up the new shoes on my feet and go for a run. It took me all day to gather my motivation and determination. And I did it. I did it a couple of hours after I got home from the office.

I did some stretching and then walked briskly to the park near me. By that time, it was dusk and there was a lone teenager who acted like he was desperately trying to hook up with his drug dealer. After I managed my first round of walking then running, he gave up and buggered off, leaving me to huff in peace.

Dave worked out my running schedule for me. It's a very gentle schedule. The idea is that I walk a minute, run a minute and do 10 rounds of each. Then next week, I increase the running, decrease the walking and again the week after, and so on until New Years' Day, when I will be running for 30 minutes non-stop. Or at least that's the general idea.

The first lot was a peace of cake, the se…

New Shoes

Last week was very busy and very energetic. I got back to my exercise regime and my goodness the difference it made to my mood. All in all, I did two home workouts and then swam twice in the UEA pool. I also walked into town a couple of times and not at my usual slow pace either.

In all honesty, I can't say the exercise has upped my energy levels because when I went into work on Friday I needed matchsticks to keep my eyes open. After a few weeks of scatty sleep patterns, I've been sleeping very well again. 

On Thursday, on Dave's advice I called into the The Runner's Centre on the way back from swimming. I'm really glad I did. The guy who served me really knew his stuff. He assessed my stance and walk and pointed out my right arches weren't particularly strong. He then brought out a couple of pairs of shoes. He ignored my shoe size completely. He put shoes on my feet, let me lace them up and then he'd whip them off and kept trying until he was satisfied at th…


Ladies and Gentlemen, I climbed back on that horse and whipped it's arse! Oh yes I did.

Monday morning I was up early and I did my 30 mins of Pump with Davina. I had lost some ground; I had to go back to lighter weights and I couldn't do all of the intervals. But I did it! And in the grand scheme of things that's all that matters. 

Note to Self: when on a Fast Day, do not spend the evening watching food programmes. First there was Come Dine with Me and then Jaime's Super Saver Meals. When Gordon Ramsey came up, that was it. I went to bed. Of course when I could eat what I wanted, I wasn't hungry. Just goes to show eh?

Tuesday I went swimming with a friend. She is one of the most active and sporty people I know. She goes kayaking, camping, swimming in lakes, in the ocean. She has been very kind to me. We used to go swimming in the UEA pool. I'd do a couple lengths, we'd stop, I'd try and catch my breath while we had a chat and then swim a few more til the n…