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Getting Ready for University

Did I mention that Dunelm Mill is the Devil's Market Place? It over takes that other Den of Iniquity called Ikea, especially since it's only 15 minutes drive away. When I moved from the house to The Flat, I got rid of a lot of Stuff. And then, I bought a whole load more. Things I didn't know I needed until I saw it and once I brought them home with me, I spent hours wondering how on earth I lived without them.

It's not all silliness. I needed things like lamp shades, blankies, lunch boxes. The little things that have all added up. And mostly things that go with purple. Because I've got a thing with purple decor going on. No, before you ask, I don't know why. I just do. No one else knows why either. Boy has given up and just gives me a look. Dave, well Dave has a thing about lime green, so he has no room to talk.

Things like this: 

Practical and stylish
That folding step ladies and gentlemen is amazing. As you know, I am a short arse. Therefore, being able to get up…

Motivation is like Bathing...

It's true, you need to do it every day. Or you start to smell (or in my case, watch the flab take hold again).

I've been working, drinking coffee and generally trying to annoy Boy as much as possible given the little time we spend together and the fact he's not long here.

Oh yes, it's now officially 2 years since Dave and I met and started hanging out. It's a bit of a shock to find that not only have I found someone who can put up with me - I want to put up with him! Yeah, I'm still partial to him.

I've been busy budgeting and spending money. How does that work, I hear you ask? Well, do you remember I used to work in fragrance and then in cosmetics? Since that time, nothing but the best in skin care that money can buy has graced this face. I suppose, thinking about it, it's still true. After all, I'm still buying the best I can afford. But, to give you an idea, I went out and bought a massive bag of skin care: foaming cleansers, cleansing cream, lotion…

When a Plan Comes Together

It's been a helluva week, one thing and another. Because Dave loves me more than life itself, he felt he had to give me his lovely cold. We're having a chat later on about appropriate gifts (chocolates, flowers, sparkly things) later on.

It kicked in, with a sore throat that felt like Mike Tyson used and abused me and as a finishing touch, force fed me razor blades. Honestly, I felt wretched. I crawled into work on Wednesday and managed half a day before I crawled back home again. Of course, the cold loves me so much, it's moved into my sinuses. Deep joy.

And then there was the waiting for results. As you know, four months ago, I put my Plan for World Domination into place and began renovating my flat for me to move into and fixing up the house to rent out. You know how much I've enjoyed that process. Not. We moved a month ago. It's been very clear when we started piling stuff into Boy's room that his boyhood bedroom couldn't cope with him as a man. We've…

Been and Gone

Last Friday, Z very kindly let me build a bonfire in her garden. In the final preparations ahead of the move, we'd talked about the possibility of my 'borrowing' her back garden to set fire to some old diaries, journals and coursework from my creative writing degree. When I looked at the amount of space these journals and diaries etc were taking up, I had to stop and have a long think as to why I continued to hang on to them. 

I had a shelf full of hardbacked art journals filled with the results of endless tarot readings. When I started going to creative writing courses, I started to do my 3 pages a day to write the crap out of my head. Pages and pages of dross. These books were filled with relationship problems and my relentless search for a life partner. Dull, dull, dull.

I lugged them through 3 house moves and I refused to make it a fourth. 

After all, it's not like I ever referred to them for information; and actually, looking at them from over here - I know that was …