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Getting Back on the Horse (again)

How goes it with your New Year's resolutions people? Mine have been an epic fail for the last four weeks. Epic Fail.

In the last four weeks, my Davina dvds have been languishing on my shelves, my meditation cushion has been un-sat upon and my lungs have been wheezing like a blacksmith's bellows. I'm going to give myself a break here. The last four weeks have not exactly been problem or Drama-free, shall we say. That said, I suspect the Drama has only just begun to unfold and I need to be fighting fit for it.

I saw a magnet recently that stated:

I tried to drown my sorrows, but the little suckers learnt to swim!
And so, I try again. I have limits about the exercise regime I can embark upon because I'm off to London for 10 days. That's fine. I'll do some before I go and get stuck in on my return. I dusted off my meditation cushion and planted my backside upon it. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's true what they say about meditation, it really does make a difference. It …

Sunny Daze

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sun is shining!

Yes, you read right: the sun is shining and it's warm out there. It's been a glorious week and the optimistic amongst us will be expecting it to continue for the next few days.

Because this is the British Isles, you have to assume that this week has in fact been, Summer. There are absolutely no guarantees that this weather will continue much past Wednesday. Therefore, you have to make the most of it. Given the vagaries of the weather here, I think that sunny days like these should be automatically turned into holidays. Everyone, should shut up shop and get out into the sunshine. Either that, or we switch to working nights. I floated the idea around work, surprisingly, it got no support from The Management. I wonder why?

Personally, I think it's the End of the World (as we know it). For years, the British weather has run on the following rules:

The weather is glorious for a maximum of 2 weeks in a calendar yearThe weather is glorious fr…

Going with the Flow

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been quite a weekend. So much so, I'm really not over-enamoured with Monday. Bleugh.

It's funny, the weekend had some serious Flow about it. Friday, as I was walking up the road to the Supper Club, I bumped into the son of a friend of an acquaintence. He's a good looking lad in his mid-twenties, the sort that makes fathers of teenage daughters reach for their shotguns. He was going in the opposite direction to the pub. We stopped and exchanged small talk and then he complimented me on my appearance and offered to buy me a pint should I end up in the pub. Talk about being good for my ego.

I called into the Tesco's Express for a bottle of red wine, and as I was queuing (and shamelessly ear-wigging the mobile phone conversation of the guy behind me) a guy paid for his bag of shopping and walked out. The shop assistant called after him. He'd forgotten to take his credit card out of the machine-dohickie, but he was focussed and out the door…

Say 'Cheeeeeese'

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm a bit fragile this morning. I look ahead at the weekend and realise I'm just going to have to Man-the-fuck-Up and get used to it. This weekend, I actually have a social life. I hope you were sitting down when you read that and didn't hurt yourself in the resulting shock of reading that sentence. Yes, it is indeed true.

Last night, I went drinking with Boy's Lovely's mum (still with me?). Boy's Lovely's mum is as lovely as Boy's Lovely. It's obviously genetic. After celebrating a very self-congratulatory Mother's Day together, we thought it would be great to have a self-congratulatory drink. It involved the pub up the road and cider. I need say nothing more on the subject. You can fill in the appropriate blanks with the knowledge that the end of the evening did not involve drunken texts or bail money. I behaved myself.

Tonight, I'm off to the Unthank Supper Club to be dined, with wine and good company. This is a measur…

MCW - Best Movie shot in Space

Please excuse me taking liberties with this week's meme. Being a big fan of SciFi, the choice is an endless one for me: Lost in Space, 2001 a Space Odessy, Star Trek (all of them), Star Wars (not mentioning the prequels), Alien(s), Space Balls, AvP (if we must). But when I visited the fabulous Ms Boxer this morning to remind myself what we were doing today, she (and Princess) have gone a bit retro.

This got me thinking about The Forbidden Planet and then of course, Return to the Forbidden Planet.

Return to the Forbidden Planet is a musical stage show based on the Tempest. The actors have to sing and play at least 5 instruments to performance standard. It's camp, interactive, the music is awesome, it's just fantastic. I first saw it when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Even then Boy enjoyed it. We've since seen it again 12 years later and it's still fantastic fun. YouTube is currently my friend and I hope you'll forgive this gross mis-interpretation of MCW. But I thought…

Fragile Monday

It's Monday morning and I'm suffering the effects of the Sunday afternoon before. No need to send floral tributes just yet. I'll survive. Perhaps.

Sunday afternoons with the Great Ursus and his Lovely has a lot to recommend. It was the excuse I needed to do a proper food shop, which I did at my favourite food emporium Waitrose. I did have some yogurt before I went, because it's important not to go shopping hungry. It didn't help. I did however, pick up a few bargains. I suspect that had I picked up less bargains, my Bank Manager wouldn't have minded so much.

I spoke to the Lovely Ursus in the morning and we decided that while the whole chicken I bought, was a good idea, a full roast dinner was not. The weather is definitely warm and bright and far more conducive to salads and their like. The Lovely Ursus said she'd bring the bread she'd started making (she's an outstandingly good woman), I said I would make desert. This is code for 'I'll buy …

Return of the Orange

Sunny days are here again. Yay! Unfortunately, it's not yet warm enough to bask, scantily clad in my garden to banish the winter pale. So, the question arises: how do I not look like a pasty bit of fish? I could do the tanning booths. Or, I could indulge in some self-tanning until it really is warm enough to stretch out on my blanket.

The thing is my skin can cope with a lot of sun. I can spend all summer in my garden and only look mildly brown. I spent all summer in Trinidad and I still had white legs when I came back in September. I used to go to tanning booths, have about 5 or 6 sessions a season, just to ease up on the white look, but then about 5 years ago, I developed pigmentation issues on my cheeks (of my face). Tanning booths deliver too high a blast of UV to make me want to risk further issues, especially given my brother had a dodgy mole removed a couple of years ago.

When I do sun bathe, it's with SPF 50 on my face and SPF 40 everywhere else. I lay out in the sun, co…


The word 'no', doesn't often get employed in my vocabulary. It was once again missing in action when I walked into the Apple Store and started drooling over the iPod Touch. Oh boy. There really are disadvantages to working for one's IFA (Independent Financial Advisor), he's not going to be very happy with me. He's not going to be very happy with me, especially if today goes according to plan. But that's a story for another day.

Technology is a wonderful thing. But it takes a lot of time to get everything set up. I bought my shiny new toy on Saturday and lost 5 hours that evening setting up iTunes and getting my 26Gb of music loaded up into it.

When it comes to music, I tend to create compilations and then listen to them obsessively, until my mood changes or I find something else to enjoy. I tend to have two types of compilations: mushy and bouncy.

Wednesday evening found me at my laptop re-creating playlists. I thought I do my usual, create two playlists and …