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Meme Me Baby

Thanks to my new friend Mago, I shamelessly infringed his copyright and lifted the meme. The answers in blue are mine and mine alone.

1. First thing you wash in the shower? My face. I lurve my shower and could spend half an hour in there. Oh yeah, I regularly do.
2. What color is your favorite hoodie? Plum. It's a very comfy hoodie from Tresspass, from which most of my clothes seem to have come from recently.
3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? I would like to, but its not a terribly good idea.
4. Do you plan outfits? Yes. Because I went to uni with Just Curious, who taught me to co-ordinate everything.
5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? Rubbish/fragile/lonely.
6. Whats the closest thing to you that's red? A card on my noticeboard, a quote from Margaret Attwood 'I believe that everyone else my age is an adult whereas I am merely in disguise.'.
7. Tell me about the last dream you remember having? Nope. It's gone.
8. Did you meet anybody new today? Yes.
9. What…


Think of this as a meme. Someone had to do a list of the 10 Things he was Good at/Proud of, and was struggling; and because everything really is ALL about me, I said I would do mine too. I have to say I struggled too and eventually came up with this list.
I'm good at friendship and relationships. I can keep friends for years and years. I can also remain friends with my exes. Both aren't true of the people who have been unkind to me.Creativity. I love expressing my creativity in a variety of media, whether poetry, prose, my home or photography. I am up for it!Driving. I love it. I love my car. Say no more.Blogging. After 3 years and 1 attempt to give it up, I'd say that was self-evident.Procrastination. I am the champion of putting off til....whenever.Tarot Cards. I am a good reader and I love my cards.Selling Fragrance. I am brilliant at selling expensive fragrance. I have a really good telephone manner...except when some bastard is trying to sell me something I don't w…

Norwich Pride 2009

It was thanks to the joys of Facebook that I discovered that yesterday was the inaugural Norwich Pride weekend. Of course, Boy already knew what was happening as he's now joined the other disaffected Youff hanging out at The Forum, which was the hub for all their activities. I had to pick up some necessities from the city anyway, so said I would pass by and see what was what.

I'm so glad I did.

It was amazing to see so many people supporting the event, and considering it was the first one, it was really well attended and the atmosphere was brilliant. There were people of all different sizes, shapes and persuasions, all come together to celebrate.

It's so frustrating to be feeling this fragile. There were loads of really groovy things happening throughout the weekend ranging from cabaret, to dog walking and pub lunches. I would have loved to have been part of the festivities. Even as a rampant heterosexual, I felt welcomed and included. There were so many interesting people ar…


This post is dedicated to Kaz.

When we moved home in April, one of the things I wanted to get was a paninni toaster. We are partial to the odd toasted cheese sarnie and I thought a panninni toaster would do all kinds of breads. That was until I saw the price of the damn thing. It was nigh on £100!

Bearing in mind that I have a poor history with kitchen gadgets i.e. I've spent a hideous amount of money on them, used them for a month (if that much) and then they've sat in the cupboard unused and gathering dust.

I had a bit of a brainwave and had a look at the George Forman grills. By complete chance, the one that I wanted was a third off at Argos. So, I invested.

I have to say that was the best £22.00 I've ever invested in a gadget. I've used it to grill bacon, salmon and chicken, and it makes brilliant toasted cheese sarnies. It's a little one, and for two people quite frankly, it's perfect.

What gadgets have you found fabulous and regularly use?

PS. Coffee machines d…

Shout Out for Good Reads

I am looking for some feel-good reads. I've fallen out of the habit of reading and although I have stacks of thrillers and horrors etc, I just can't face them at the moment. All that pain and death. I'm not particularly after romance for once, just not in the mood for it.

I'm after books that have been well constructed, well written and fun to read. A story that will touch me.

I don't need any dramas. I won't voluntarily read anything by Sebastian Faulkes or Dan Brown, so don't even make me try.

Go on, what do you recommend, and why?

Dressing the Mormon Way

Every year the Mormons descend on Carrow Road for their big get-together East Anglian style. Riverside becomes swamped in freshly scrubbed, suited men and their women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

I was dragged out of my home, kicking and screaming by the Great Ursus who has decided to 'look after me' in my time of need (I am more and more coming to understand the comfort of agraphobia and am considering lining it up as my next neuroses, but he's not having any of it. *mutter, mutter*).

So, we're driving past Carrow Road and there are the throngs of freshly scrubbed Mormons and I was struck by the thought, when exactly does the Dowdy Fairy come visiting? As you know, I'm looking at my 40th in a matter of months and I'm just wondering whether being Pagan is protection enough against her wily ways.

When do polyester, A-line, pleated, paisely skirts start to look good on a hanger? Especially coupled with flat shoes and frilly blouses?

The younger women, in their long…

Words for Women to Live By

Thanks to Moggie for this, I adjusted it for my own circumstances.

1. Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything.
2. If the shoe fits - buy them in every color.
3. Take life with a pinch of salt... a wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila.
4. In need of a support group? - cocktail hour with the girls!
5. Go on the 30 day diet. (I'm on it and so far I've lost 15 days).
6. When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.
7. Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your personality.
8. I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok. They know me here.
9. Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.
10. Don't get your knickers in a knot; it solves nothing and makes you walk funny.
11. When life gives you lemons in 2009 - turn it into lemonade then mix it with vodka.
12. Remember where ever there is a good looking; sweet, single or married man there is some woman tired of his bullshit!
13. Keep your chin up, only the first …

Private Spaces

Commuting out of the city every day has given me a new insight on human nature. You'd think I'd have grown bored of human nature - you'd be wrong. People never fail to fascinate me.

A car is a private space, an extention of one's home if you will. And people treat their cars like they do any other private space, even though it's got 5 windows and half the city's population trying to get to work.

While waiting for lights I have seen:
a guy have a really good dig around his nose, and give the results a thorough inspection before consuming.a woman apply full make-upanother woman squeeze her spotsa couple argue, with lots of hand flinging..a mad woman sing on the top of her lungs to Bohemian Rhapsody...Oh yeah, that was me.

Cover Up!

Its officially a heat wave, and I think it's melted peoples' brains.

I have never seen so many scantily clad people in my life, all shapes and sizes.

I just want to go around with a huge vat of sun cream and a bunch of t-shirts. Cover it up! Please?

English men should not wear trousers that have been cut off at the knee. They aren't shorts. They are masacred trousers. And they should definitely not wear flip-flops with them. Especially to walk around the city. Flip-flops are beach-wear. This is the city, damn it, not the flippin beach.

Oh yeah, and while you're at it, please can you also ensure that your boxers and trousers don't part company around your waist? I don't want to see your Calvins, really I don't.

And put a t-shirt on! I don't care if you've got a 6 pack. Put it away!