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Lottery Winner! WooHoo!

This arrived today! Lucky me. Especially since it's been years since I've bought a ticket.

The Uk National Online Lottery
P O Box 1010 Dublin,
11 GLower Dorset Street(Customer Services)
Ref: UK/9420X2/68Batch: 074/05/ZY36

We are pleased to inform you that your e-mail address has won the UK National Lottery. Therefore you have been approved for a lump sum payout ?,000,000.00 GBP) One Million Pounds in the Uk National Lottery program held on 17th of feb 2008) and released today 19th of feb 2008. The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 21,000 email addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet, no ticketsweresold. After this automated computer ballot, your e-mail ID emerged as one of the winners in the 3rd category. You are therefore been approve to lump sum of ?,000,000.00 GBP).

To file and claim your winning, please contact our Fiduciary Agent for the processing of your winning par…

The Stench of Success - HP and the Deathly Hollows

Last week, I took it upon myself to read the seventh and final installment of Harry Potter. It's been sat on my shelf, since I bought it. A guilty buy, spurred on by the hype of the release and peer pressure. I kept looking at it and have really not been able to face it. I'm not sure why I needed to read it last week, I just did. I picked it up and waded through it during the course of an evening.

If it were a report written for a developing country, I would say it was very successful; such reports are judged on their ability to kill local cockroaches when dropped from table height. As a work of fiction aimed for children and their parents, I have to say I was less impressed. Half-way through the first chapter I felt myself reaching for a red pen. I found myself wanting to annote my copy with: why is this here? Overwritten. Does not move the story forward. Show, don't tell. With a good editor, she could have had a much better read, using half the space. It's so disappoi…

Holiday ~ in a Madonna-stylie

Yep, what you read is true. I'm on holiday for a week. The big question is: what do I do with my time? I'm so flat broke that going away, even if Boy could have been excused from school, is out of the question. I have a list of things to do around the flat that starts: dust, hoover... You get the picture. There is also the other list of things I Ought To Do: read Virgin Suicides, Sophies World, writing, poetry, photography, as well as reading several academic books so my brain does not turn into Mush (oops, too late). Finding things to do has never been a problem for me, the problem tends to be that I sit in front of the computer and dither on-line for hours on end and suddenly, the day has passed and Boy is asking about dinner. I can waste time like a pro.

I think I'll pass the buck - it's up to you, my faithfull blog readers, to tell me what to do this week. Leave me a comment, I'll pick the one I do and then I'll blog about it and provide relevant evidence. I…

Friday Nite Out and About

A chance meeting with someone who I used to work with (when I was gainfully employed) has led to Friday nights out, good drink, good food, good female company. Which has been all very well and good, but I've had to work the Saturdays after. Mind you, I'm not exactly living it up; I'll be in bed well before midnight, I was fully dressed when I went out, I'm going to bed with the cat and the contents of my stomach are staying put.

Since I last posted, I've been working quite a few hours, I've wrenched my shoulder and been pottering around the house. The green things I've planted have in the main lived and are even thriving. I have managed to kill a couple plants, but I suspect that was just them, rather than me. In a warm spell Boy and I did some gardening, but I have no idea how the plants are doing because since then the weather has been crap. One Saturday started off sunny, went dark, chucked it down, it then turned to snow, sleet and hail and then we had a…

S is for...

Today improved no end when I got home with Chinese. I took off my uniform, make-up and changed into my jammies and pink fluffy dressing gown. As I write this, I have an extra accessory. Her name is Carla and she is a Royal Python. She's a guest while Boy's dad is away for 2 weeks and has been hiding in her plastic cave, in the vivarium in Boy's room. She was brought out for 5 mins on Sunday and has been out for quite awhile tonight. Apparently, she is a bit of a nervous soul and can get stressed quite easily. She's draped across my shoulder trying to find her way down to the carpet to play with the cat. You've never seen a better example of feline unimpressedness this evening when Solitaire realised my lap was moving.

I don't mind snakes or frogs, but I'm not keen on tarantulas or scorpions. Ewww. I really don't like scorpions - nasty tempered creatures. The tarantulas we saw in Trinidad were far enough away for me not to worry about. There was one that …