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Beer and Universal Truths

As I considered what I wanted to write about tonight, I realised that a pint and a half of beer does not aid the little grey cells. The world my sub-editor and I put to rights, has no real artistic merit, nor holds any interest to anyone who has not consumed equal amounts of beer. Despite that, 2 hours later we still were having impassioned debates about the idea that as creative writers/poets/artists, our job was to show the universal truth within that particular moment.

So what's the universal truth in this particular moment? How do I express it without resorting to cliche and sap? Don't know. I know I tend to tell the truth when I'm in my cups and I suspect that is why many well known writers and poets were known for their love of a tipple (or 10). The alcohol makes a bit of space between the stuff happening in the head and one's intellect. Things appear a lot more manageable. Of course alcohol is a lousy anaesthetic, and I don't drink if I'm distressed. But…

Wednesday - phew!

Today, as I rode around on the bus, I continued to contemplate the concept of journeys and their allure for me. I came to the conclusion that I love travelling about the countryside in cars, buses and trains. The more I thought about it, the more I realised why I hate flying. If you are lucky enough to have a window seat in an aircraft, you basically see clouds and sea, or at least you do on the transatlantic flights that I take. You don't see brief snapshots of other people's lives as you creep/whiz by, and the atmosphere on a plane is quite different to that on a bus, or train. Far more muted and considered. There's less space and people are grumpy and uncomfortable for most of the time. By the way, I suspect this only applies in Economy. People in First and Business have absolutely no cause to complain, their knees don't need to be removed from their ears with the help of an osteopath at the end of a flight. Their food doesn't taste like reconsituted plastic. Oh…


Last week I was asked what was about bus journeys that I liked so much. I contemplated this question as I rode around the complete 25 route this afternoon. I think the truth of the answer lies in martial arts practice, in movement, there is stillness. Riding around on a bus, preferably a double decker, gives me a different perspective on life. I observe it from a different elevation, which gives me space. Space to think, day dream, problem solve, listen to music.

I like the bus drivers. In the main they are polite and cheerful. I like the fact that they stand up for one another and will block a roundabout to let another bus, even from a different company, through. People on a bus are fascinating to watch. They have intimate conversations on their mobile phones, they pick their noses, kiss their boyfriends, sometimes quietly cry. I'm a shameless voyeur. People outside are equally interesting. I remember the bus passing a hard chav man, in a dirty white track suit, baseball cap, lad…

New Beginnings

For those of you not clued into these things, it's coming up to New Moon. This is significant as it heralds the new lunar cycle. It's the end of my academic year on Friday and today, I troop in for my final tutorial of the year with my Course Leader (CL), he who also acts as my dissertation supervisor. I get my marks back for terms 2 and 3. Today I find out how much hard work I've got to do for my final year.

All advice to access funding, pretty much says the funding board are looking for brilliance and innovation. Eating my bowl of grapefruit, I feel as innovative as yoghurt this morning. But if my plans for world domination are to be achieved, if I'm to get funding for my MA at UEA, then I don't just need a First (70%+), I need a fabulous First (70%++).

So, why New Beginnings? As the year closes, I'm pretty knackered. I feel the need for some serious TLC. My eating habits have slipped again, and I've stopped exercising. When in doubt, make a plan (you can …

Culture and Internet Dating

As I write this I'm pretty much clutching my coffee and plugged in to Carmina Burana; Hottie is knitting, listening to the Archers. We went shopping yesterday and a trip to Virgin provided me with a relatively inexpensive copy of said music.

The reason for the purchase is that I'm off to the Theatre Royal in a couple of weeks time to see an Andalucian Spectacular set to Carmina Burana. I am ridiculously excited about it. I'm going to the theatre! It's quite a large cast of 30; including singers, flamenco dancers and 2 Andalucian stallions. When the troop last visited Norwich they performed Carmen to rave reviews. It looks like it could be quite an interesting evening; either that or it's going to be pants. One has to take the occasional risk.

Mind you, drinking with Hottie is a bit of a risk. Her limits are far higher than mine, which last time led to me feeling quite poorly in the morning and me continuing to rush past a local tavern, my head bowed in shame. Last ni…

Saturday Morning (just)

Hottie arrived last night bearing a bucket of Colonel's finest. Within 4 minutes I opened a bottle of white wine and we ate, drank and we very merry. Why is it, all the things that taste so good, are so bad for you? Why can't butter, double cream etc, be free from calories? Plans for today hopefully will include going to Waitrose and getting some more of that red sparkling velvet, not that I'm getting addicted to it, of course.

Thanks for your comment Bear, I feel slightly less stupid about it now. We saw the rest of Aeon Flux (the movie) last night. I quite enjoyed watching Charlize Theron kick ass. The trick will be to use it to wax lyrical about cybercultures, which given the blandiness of the film, is going to be doubtful. As enjoyable as it was, I don't think I could cope with watching it more than twice. Next up will be Ghost in the Shell. At least that is an intelligent manga.

I'd better head into the shower, the natives are getting restless.

Finally Friday

Today will be a busy day. I'm in a meeting at ten and then on to college to invigilate Creative Writing's offering. As soon as I finish, I've got to get my butt home and clean the flat. She-who-is-hotter-than-Angelina, is coming with KFC tonight! It's hard to say who is more excited, me or my boy. I've promised to source some booze, so a trip to the offie is also needed before she arrives. It'll be an interesting weekend.

The weather has turned a touch cool, but it's still quite sunny. I am still a woman of mucus and goo and the past few weeks I've been grateful I just have the cat to look at me first thing in the morning. I'm a dead sexy sight. Wheezing and sneezing and itchy eyed! A wonderful man (all men who make me frothy coffees are wonderful), in a a local deli, suggested I ought to have a spoonful of local honey every day. As of yet, the only thing it's doing is sweetening my morning grapefruit. Perhaps it's one of those long-term thi…

Degree Show Drama

My apologies for not writing yesterday. I was in College and then out and about until late last night.

I called into to my CP tutor and he likes the concept of this Blog being part of my final show. He reminded me that the concept has to be given legs, and then I have to stand back to see if it will run. If it falls, that's not a failure. So, we'll see.

I spent a lot of time yesterday on various buses. I've got an annual bus pass which means that I can travel anywhere, on any bus within the city limits. I do get funny looks from the bus drivers sometimes, but generally, they're really good. My favourite service is the 25. It goes from the University round the city, through Riverside to the Railway Station. I don't know what it is about travelling, but it gives me space in my head to think; I also get to people watch if I'm inclined. I have my MP3 player going and I stare out of the window and think things to death.
At the moment, I'm trying to get to grips wi…

Degree Show Preparation

Today, I spent pretty much in college. Firstly, to meet with the external examiners of Critical Studies. I like CrS meetings, we had M&S orange juice and posh bickies (always welcome). Conforms to my world belief that all civilised people, when they get together to discuss the meaning of life, share food and drink. We talked about the usual stuff, pros and cons, whinged about IT. Then after a coffee in the SU bar, spent time with Creative Writing's external examiner. More pros and cons and whinging about IT (there's a theme here, isn't there?).

Then on to Room 8 to set up the system to show off our work for the Degree Show. The room is quite small, and a bit difficult to exhitbit our stuff well. Our Creative Practice tutor had a brainwave to put images, movies and slides of poetry onto a dvd and project it onto a screen blacking out the window. I think it'll look great. I've foolishly volunteered to invigilate it mornings; hopefully, there will be enough people …

Monday Monday

Today has been a home day...out of necessity. Last Friday disaster struck. After a dwindling service and several calls to our telecoms provider, they tried to boot up my box from their end...which lead to me not having any television over the service and a promise that a very nice man would be round sometime Monday between 8am and 1pm.

I had come down with a cold Thursday night and coupled with the end-of-year apathy, all I wanted to do was watch rubbish on telly. The one weekend I wanted to sit down and drool staring at the screen. Honestly!

I had to get out of bed and be decent for 8am which was a bit of a push, but I managed in the end, even if Boy couldn't understand the grunts and gesticulations pre-coffee. I even managed breakfast. And the BBC Website, and Guardian On-line and then most of the Observer On-line.

When he turned up, he couldn't solve the problem, the Powers-that-Be had to send another very nice man to fix the box outside. Which he did and we now have telly!


In the Beginning

British summer has arrived and with it my twin nemisii of Hayfever and Sinusitis. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in over three weeks. What does this have to do with writing a blog? I hear you ask. Well after waking up for the nth time this morning with some particularly peculiar dreams, I knew what I was going to do for my final year Creative Practice project. I'm going to experiment with physical and electronic blogs and test which encourages the most interaction and the differences in the interaction.

As a Creative/Writer I am interested in communication and the different types encouraged by our modern age. I've also been keeping up with one of my tutor's blogs (he who is the God of all things Poetic) and thought, yeah, why not?

So, hear goes. Also, my family in Trinidad have no idea what I get up to, and my brother seems to have stepped into the electronic age, yet another good reason to give it a go. We can but experiment and see what happens.

In the interes…